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Prevent Bad Bookkeeping from Hurting Your Small Business

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A lot of small companies have a staff or family member without any type of accounting or bookkeeping experience do their books, which seems cost-effective, but can be a bad decision in the long run. The money you are “saving” could actually be costing you. What Can Go Wrong It doesn’t take much for a […]Read More

Finding the Best Bookkeeping Software, and the Best Bookkeeping Service

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There’s a cloud-based bookkeeping software that’s much easier to learn and use than Quickbooks: Xero. You can customize its dashboard, which is nicely organized, user-friendly and easy to navigate. Your display can include bank balances, an Account Watchlist (which shows places you’re spending the most) and what bills need paying soon. Everything to do with […]Read More

Should I Hire a Bookkeeper for My Small Business?

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Business owners often think it is less expensive to do their own financial record-keeping, but that is seldom the case. Here are some reasons why: Time is money. Hours you spend tracking sales, classifying expenses, reconciling accounts, recording payments and creating monthly reports could be spent serving your customers, and for other revenue generating activities. […]Read More

What Does A Bookkeeper Do?

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Bookkeepers manage client accounts, produce financial reports, and monitor revenue, spending and invoices. They analyze financial documents to make sure accounts are current and accurate, using specialized software, spreadsheets and other tools. Businesses of all sizes do their own bookkeeping, while many others hire outside help. Professional bookkeeping services often have a niche, such as […]Read More