How Much Does Bookkeeping Services Cost?

We know you don’t want the uncertainty of hourly fees, so we look at what your needs are and determine an affordable flat monthly fee. Below is a range of examples and rough estimates. Get in Touch with us to learn more about what it will cost you to simplify your bookkeeping process.

The Maker

You are working solo. Designing websites, hand crafting clothing, or consulting on the next big thing. You’re too busy to classify your expenses or reconcile your bank account. But you need timely financial information that shows you where you stand.

We’ll reconcile the bank and credit card accounts, code your expenses, and deliver monthly financial statements that tell a story. Have questions? Give us a call or text. We’ll be there for you.

The Professional

You just purchased a dental practice. Dental school + apprenticeship… you’ve paid your dues. Now it’s time to get down to business.

You have employees to pay, supplies to purchase, and patients to take care of. You need financial statements and analysis that show how your practice is performing. Along the way, we’ll take those aggravating tasks like bookkeeping and reconciling off your hands. And when you’re considering purchasing that new x-ray unit, reach out to us, we’ll advise.

The Evolver

You just opened your third restaurant. Congrats on your success! With over 100 employees to manage, menus to create, and guests to serve, your hair’s on fire. You need monthly financial statements for each location, showing food/bev costs and labor margin. We’ll take all those vendor invoices off your hands, entering them accurately and timely.