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How Your Small Business Can Survive The Great Resignation

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America is experiencing a labor shortage unlike any in our past. With employees taking non-traditional jobs, retiring early and starting their own businesses, organizations across sectors are struggling to stay fully staffed. Here are four sets of actions you can take to address the worker shortage: Make the work more gratifying and viable for the long-term, improve […]Read More

Tips for Entrepreneurs Just Getting Started

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Your Bank Account The first thing you need to do, after registering your business with the state, is open a bank account. It is best to have an account separate from your personal account. Open a business checking account first, then a savings account to put aside money for taxes. Many entrepreneurs start with putting […]Read More

Where to Find Bookkeeping Help for Your Small Business

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So, you’ve decided it’s time to outsource your bookkeeping. How do you find the right company to do the job? As with searching for any other professional, there are no shortcuts: Network Your networks are a great place to start. Ask people you trust who does their bookkeeping. If you already have a relationship with […]Read More

Why Professional Bookkeeping is Smart Business

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Many small business owners mistakenly think of bookkeeping as only data entry, and trust the function to an unqualified employee. Accounting software is making bookkeeping much easier than in years past, but it’s still critical that the tasks are handled by someone skilled in the practice. 5 Reasons Good Bookkeeping is so Important Bookkeeping helps […]Read More