How BookWerks™ Helps CPA’s

BookWerks™ is a Cloud-based, Outsourced Bookkeeping Firm.

We are not CPA’s; we do not handle tax returns; we do not offer CFO services. 

The founders are not accountants, we are entrepreneurs, who recognize the value of having robust financial reports that tell the story of how a business is performing so an owner can make informed and timely decisions to direct their business.

So, we sought out and built the better mousetrap – BookWerks™

Our fees are flat, affordable, billed monthly.  No contracts.  No surprises.

Historically, along with Tax and Advisory services, CPA firms provided Bookkeeping and Payroll services to their clients at very low margins in order to keep their clients happy with “one-stop-shopping” services. As payroll services from companies such as ADP, Paycor, Paychex, Gusto, and others developed, CPA firms recognized they could no longer match the service and price, and so discontinued their low-margin payroll service while retaining the primary Tax and Advisory services.

Today’s technologies have allowed bookkeeping services to go the same way. Now, outsourcing bookkeeping services to cloud-based companies makes too much “cents”.

At the request of our clients, we’re happy to give CPA’s access to their online account.

If you would like to learn more about how our team partners with CPA firms to provide clients with robust and timely financials; we’d love to chat.