Bookkeepers – What They Do, How They Help, and How To Find Them

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People employed to perform bookkeeping functions are called bookkeepers. These trained professionals record financial transactions, and are an important part of any business. They may work on-staff or for an outside service. Bookkeeping involves preparing source documents for all transactions, operations, and other business events. These include all purchases, sales, receipts and payments. 

Bookkeepers use several standard methods of tracking the transfer of money, including the single-entry and double-entry systems. 

They usually record sales, purchases, receipts and payments, and enter both cash and credit transactions into the appropriate daybook (petty cash, suppliers, customers, etc.) —along with the general ledger. Additionally, they create financial reports, such as income statements and balance sheets, from the information recorded. These reports are helpful in many ways, especially when it’s tax time. 

If you live in a decent-sized town, it should be easy to find people who provide bookkeeping. But just because a company name pops up when you search “bookkeepers near me” doesn’t mean the firm will suit your needs. It pays to look closely at two or three options.

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Questions to Ask When Searching For Bookkeepers

  1. Have you worked with companies in my industry? (Not required, but can be helpful.)
  2. Do you have clients whose businesses are similar in size to mine?
  3. Do you charge a flat monthly fee (BookWerks™ does) or by the hour (considered outdated)?
  4. How do you adapt as a client adds vendors, sites and customers?
  5. What software do you use? Why did you pick that one?
  6. Have you helped both startups and growing business?

Other good practices include asking for references and comparing fees.

Even if a company has a great reputation, it makes sense to meet the people you will be dealing with before you make a decision. 

What Can The Bookkeepers at BookWerks™ Do for You

We provide affordable outsourced bookkeeping to a wide range of entrepreneurs and small businesses, using cloud-based SaaS technologies that allow us to:

  • Electronically scan, digitally read and categorize invoices
  • Link directly with your POS systems, payroll, credit card and bank accounts—eliminating the need to manually enter data

Each client is assigned an Accounting Manager who reconciles your accounts throughout the month, providing a robust income statement and balance sheet within days, and answers to any questions you have at any time.

With BookWerks™, you can feel confident your financial records are being kept correctly. This takes a worry off your plate and frees up time to focus on core business activities.