Finding Bookkeeping Services in Your Area

Bookkeeping services for small business are plentiful in most cities and towns. But just because a company fits the “bookkeeping services near me” bill doesn’t mean it can address your needs. You want to be selective.

Choosing Nearby Bookkeeping Services

someone at computer using bookkeeping software

While not required for success, you may want the firm to be close by. However, since you will probably not meet face-to-face all that often, that should not be your top criterion.

More important:

  • A bookkeeping service with experience in your industry
  • A service that has worked with businesses the same size as yours
  • Good reviews among business owners you trust
  • A flat-monthly-fee approach so you don’t get an ugly surprise at the end of the month

It is a good idea to meet face-to-face with prospective neighborhood bookkeeping services before you sign anything. You want to feel comfortable with their staff. You want to feel confident they will be easy to communicate with, and will always provide accurate and timely financial information.

A short meeting should be enough to tell you which of the bookkeeping services close to you are a good fit.

Here are some questions to ask:

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. What kinds of businesses make up most of your customer base?
  3. How do you adapt as a client adds vendors, sites and customers?
  4. Do you have different prices for different types/sizes of businesses?
  5. Can you provide references in my part of town?
  6. What software do you use? Why did you pick that one?
  7. Do you have entrepreneurs, growing businesses and mature businesses in your client base?
  8. Have you helped both startups and businesses ready to sell?

If the bookkeeping service company near you wants you to sign a long-term contract, look elsewhere. At BookwerksTM, our relationship contains a 30-day termination clause, if you’re not happy with our work, we won’t hold you up from leaving. We should and will earn your business every month!

Think about what you want. Do you prefer a large firm with a long track record and a wide range of services, or a smaller one that will provide more personalized service with a dedicated Accounting Manager to handle your account?

Do you want a firm that has been in business forever? Stability is good, but have they evolved with the cloud-based technology that is now available?  Then what about a relatively young firm that has the technical knowhow, but is short on experience? Look for a firm that has both strong accounting/bookkeeping knowledge AND the technical resources to make your life simpler.