Why Your Veterinary Clinic Needs a Professional Bookkeeper

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Keeping accurate, up-to-date financial records is time-consuming for vets, and errors can result in paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes. A professional bookkeeper focused on helping veterinarians can help you understand exactly how your clinic is doing every month, along with where your cash is going. Armed with this knowledge, you can make better financial decisions for your practice.

Go into Tax Season Totally Prepared

veterinarian working on a catIf you hire an outsourced company like BookWerksTM to provide bookkeeping for veterinarians, the financial reports they provide will be helpful at tax time. Your bookkeeper will find every possible deductible business expense you can take, and make sure you receive no penalties.

Focus on What you Do Best

When a client has an ill pet, they count on you to put your education and experience to use for the best outcome. A professional veterinarian focused bookkeeper will do the same with your financial records. Hire a professional to get your books in order, and your CPA–and banker–will be grateful.

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Save Time and Money

Hiring an outside service to handle your bookkeeping is actually extremely cost-effective. Your bookkeeper will stay on the lookout for ways to improve your cash flow and help your clinic grow.

Keep your Financials Accessible, Yet Private

BookWerksTM uses cloud-based software and hard disk encryption with bank-level security to keep your financial information private. And we offer 24/7 access from any device to credentialed staff.

Bookkeeping Pricing Tailored to Your Veterinary Practice

What you pay monthly for professional veterinary bookkeeping will depend on the size and complexity of your Cincinnati practice:

  1. How many stand-alone and mobile locations you have
  2. How many banks/credit cards you keep for the business
  3. How many/what types of monthly transactions you complete
  4. What reports you need

Your bookkeeping service should clarify any additional costs to start-up, clean-up or catch-up your books. Only consider firms that use flat-fee pricing, as we do.

The bookkeeping company should utilize the American Association of Animal Hospitals’ Chart of Accounts to keep your books standardized to the veterinary industry.

BookWerksTM – Bookkeeping Solutions for Your Veterinary Practice

If you have a veterinary practice in the Cincinnati area and are ready to get help with your books so you can focus on running your business, contact BookWerksTM for a free consultation. We’ll explain how our veterinary practice bookkeeping specialists can save you money and time.

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