Is Outsourced Bookkeeping Right for Your Small Business?

BookWerk Betty

Potential clients often ask:

  • “How can I trust you?”
  • “How will outsourcing my bookkeeping help my business grow?”
  • “Do you do taxes?”
  • “What does your service cost?”

These are four of the most frequent questions we hear when entrepreneurs and small business owners are thinking about outsourcing bookkeeping. Here are some quick BookWerksTM answers:

1.    We’ll Work Hard to Earn Your Trust

We know building trust is not a one-time thing. We have many clients who have used our services for years, because we keep meeting their needs month after month. Our goal is to earn your trust by providing accurate, complete, timely and secure financial record-keeping and reports month after month.

You’ll be free of bookkeeping tasks, which take time and energy away from your core business. Spending money on tasks that do not generate revenue is usually a waste of the business owner’s precious time and skills.

We will build a strong relationship by also supporting you as needed with quick answers to your financial questions.

You do not make a long-term commitment with BookWerksTM, so you can move on if at any time you are not completely satisfied with our work.

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2.    How We Help Clients Grow

Doing bookkeeping in-house, many business owners put off tracking transactions, so they don’t really know where they stand financially at any one time.

Outsourcing bookkeeping to a professional firm that does nothing else, you always have instant access to the latest information about your income, expenses, debts and balances.

With this knowledge, you can meaningfully plan ahead for when and how to grow.

Our reports can help you decide:

  • Where you want to spend less when the return has not warranted the expense
  • Which of your customers are most profitable, so you can focus on their needs
  • Which months are most profitable, so you can take vacation in the less-lucrative months
  • What you changed last year that paid off, and what didn’t
  • Whether you can afford to invest in new equipment, expansion or marketing that may not have an immediate return
  • Where you may be able to take a tax deduction you had not thought of previously
  • Knowledge is power, and timely, accurate knowledge is a super-power!

3.    We Can Steer You to Good Tax Professionals—and Other Kinds of Help

When we hear about professional bookkeeping services handling clients’ taxes, we wonder, “Are these bookkeepers CPAs?” If so, you are paying too much for their bookkeeping work! If not, then they are not qualified to file your taxes.

We’ll do a great job of keeping your books, and can guide you to a CPA or other professional we trust for your non-bookkeeping needs.

4.    A Flat Fee You Can Count On

If your prospective bookkeeper still billing by the hour, they are behind the times. Value-based pricing (a fixed monthly fee), is what you want in an outsourced bookkeeping service. While $150 an hour sounds better than $600 a month, you never know how much time the service will spend on your account month-to-month if they bill by the hour.

Value-based pricing takes the guesswork out of cash flow for BookWerksTM clients, and puts all the cost risk on us!

Outsourcing the bookkeeping function will save you time, money, hassles and headaches, while providing information critical to important business decisions.

Let us handle the books, while you grow your business!