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Getting Comfortable with Bookkeeping

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Regular, skilled bookkeeping helps businesses retain precise financial records, which you are legally required to keep for tax purposes. Daily bookkeeping also offers many business benefits: Budgeting When income and expenses are faithfully recorded, it is easier to see where you stand financially and stay on top of cash flow needs. Organization When your records are […]Read More

Bookkeepers and Accountants Work Hand-in-Hand

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When you go to the dentist, your hygienist cleans your teeth, and then after they are done, the dentist comes in to make sure everything is OK. It makes sense for the hygienist, who is particularly skilled at cleaning teeth, to do that part, and the dentist, who has the big dental picture in mind, […]Read More

Solutions to Staffing Shortages – Save Time, Money and Even Sleep in 2022!

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If you’re not suffering from staffing issues, you’re in better shape than most small business owners these days. Because of the lack of staff, many owners are doing tasks they thought they wouldn’t have to handle anymore. One solution to your time crunch is to relieve yourself of activities that are non-revenue-generating, such as bookkeeping. […]Read More