How To Decide If Your Small Business Needs Bookkeeping Assistance

person multitaskingRun properly, bookkeeping services for small business make it worthwhile to outsource tasks like cash flow and account reconciliation.

Should YOUR small business utilize the services of a bookkeeping company? It depends on how much time you spend on bookkeeping and whether that time might be better spent elsewhere.

You probably didn’t start your business to reconcile bank and credit card accounts or code your expenses. We actually formed BookWerksTM for those exact reasons: so, clients could be free of pesky, non-revenue-generating bookkeeping tasks, so they may focus their limited time, talent and resources on their own core-competency to successfully direct their business.

With most bookkeeping partners for entrepreneurs, bookkeeping is taken care of for one affordable, flat monthly fee.

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What Bookkeeping Services for Small Business Do

Our services differ depending on what type of small business you own, and how small it is. Here are three examples of what you might pay monthly to use BookWerksTM for your bookkeeping:

  1. If you are a very small business, say a graphic designer, clothing maker or business consultant, you might be too busy to classify your expenses and reconcile your bank account, but you need timely financial information to know where you stand every month. We’ll reconcile your accounts, code your expenses and delivery monthly statements that tell a story. This might cost about $300 per month.
  2. Let’s say you are a bit bigger, maybe a dentist or chiropractor who just bought a practice. You pay employees, buy supplies and take care of patients who must be billed. You need financial statements and analysis to see how your practice is performing every month. We’ll take aggravating bookkeeping tasks off your hands and advise you when you are considering making a major equipment purchase. These services might cost $550 per month.
  3. Our third type of client is even bigger—maybe you just opened your fourth restaurant or boutique location. You have dozens of employees to manage, guests to serve, equipment to keep up. You need monthly financial statements for each location, showing your cost and labor margins. We’ll take the vendor invoices off your hands, making sure they are entered properly in a timely way. These services might cost $1,500 monthly.

What Makes it Worthwhile to Use Outside Bookkeeping for Small Business?

  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Peace of mind
  • Support
  • Focus on your growth

Whether you are a startup, an expanding business, or experiencing explosive growth, we can meet your bookkeeping needs—with service that combines the human touch and automated cloud-based processing.