How BookWerks™ Helps Small Business Owners

It makes sense that many small business owners do their own bookkeeping. After all, recording transactions is not exactly a revenue-producing task, and small businesses need to pinch pennies wherever they can.

But unfortunately, doing it yourself is often not cost-efficient. And it is easy to make mistakes, trying to cram in bookkeeping after hours when you are spent energy-wise.

We can help!

BookWerks™ provides affordable outsourced bookkeeping services to entrepreneurs and small business owners using cloud-based SaaS technology.

That means we can work together virtually, and time-consuming hand entry of data is eliminated, along with the errors that result.

You get complete, accurate monthly reports on time, every time.

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Put the Knowledge to Make Smart Decisions at your Fingertips

With more timely, more accurate financials, you’ll always know where you stand, which can help you make the right decisions for your company:

• Is it time to hire a helper, or should you wait?
• It is worth continuing to serve Client X when you earn so little compared to Client Y?
• Are there subscription fees and other expenses you should get rid of?
• Are there one-off deductions you forgot about?

Using a reputable outside firm for your bookkeeping is actually more private and secure than doing it in-house. And you don’t have to worry about the person who does your bookkeeping suddenly leaving your employment. If we lose someone, another expert member of our team can take on your account without missing a beat.

Outsourcing to BookWerks™ means bookkeeping peace of mind, and more time and money to focus on the important things at work and home.

Our fees are flat, affordable, billed monthly.  No contracts. No surprises.