Why Professional Bookkeeping is Smart Business

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Many small business owners mistakenly think of bookkeeping as only data entry, and trust the function to an unqualified employee. Accounting software is making bookkeeping much easier than in years past, but it’s still critical that it is handled accurately. 5 Reasons Good Bookkeeping is so Important Bookkeeping helps keep business and personal finances separate. […]Read More

How Your Bookkeeper Can Help You Grow

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Bookkeeping is the recording and managing of a business’s financial information. Transactions, expense accrual and other financial information is recorded by bookkeepers. Proper bookkeeping allows the tracking of all the information needed to make sound financing and operating decisions. Determining Overall Financial Health With proper accounting, businesses keep their fingers on the pulse of their […]Read More

Understanding your Bookkeeping Reports

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When it comes to small business accounting, most owners know it is important to keep records up-to-date for tax purposes. But there are many other ways you can use your bookkeeping reports to grow your business: Profit and Loss Statement The P&L or Income Statement report tells you how much money you are making, but […]Read More

How Bookkeeping Services Work

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Is it time for you to hire an outside bookkeeper? There are many advantages: privacy; security that your needs will be covered if one person goes on vacation; freedom from the hassles of hiring, training, providing benefits; etc. Here are some questions prospective BookWerksTM clients have asked: Will the Service Have Experience in my Field? […]Read More

Why Your Bookkeeper Should Be Using Cloud-based Accounting Already

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Not so long ago, accounting software programs were located on the business owner’s own private computer, or a private server within the company. This allowed employees within the same physical location access to the accounting software. But this access was limited, and not useful if the business added locations and/or needed to give outside access […]Read More

Finding a Great Bookkeeping Partner

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Thinking of taking your bookkeeping offsite? For most businesses, particularly small businesses, that is a great idea. You will save time and money, sleep easier knowing your financial records are in order, and always have the information needed to make sound business decisions at your fingertips. There may be a lot of options in your […]Read More

Does Your Small Business Need a Bookkeeper?

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In order to succeed in business, you need to keep a tight rein on your money. You need to know who your best clients are, and what categories are eating away at your profits. Come tax-time, you need to have accurate records to make sure you pay the proper amount of tax. Staying Abreast of […]Read More

Answers to Your Bookkeeping Questions, Part 2

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This is a continuation of our blog about Bookkeeping questions: What If I Change My Mind About Using an Outside Bookkeeper? Different services have different policies, but at BookWerksTM, your rolling commitment is for 30 days. What Software is Most Commonly Used? Typically, bookkeepers will use either Xero or QuickBooks software. BookWerksTM can use either […]Read More

Answers to Your Bookkeeping Questions, Part 1 of 2

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Wonder how bookkeeping outsourcing services work? Here’s everything you ever wanted to know, with more answers in our next blog: Pricing Many bookkeeping services charge on an hourly basis. However, it’s much better to find a service that bills on a flat monthly subscription basis which can scale up as business grows and your bookkeeping […]Read More

Bookkeeping Can Mean Sink or Swim for Your Small Business

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With timely, accurate bookkeeping, you will always know the answers to these and other critical questions: Did your clients all pay on time last month? Will an office improvement be a smart use of your money? Do you have enough money to hire a part-time assistant? Keeping careful books is a critical part of any […]Read More