What Does A Bookkeeper Do?

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Bookkeepers manage client accounts, produce financial reports, and monitor revenue, spending and invoices. They analyze financial documents to make sure accounts are current and accurate, using specialized software, spreadsheets and other tools. Businesses of all sizes do their own bookkeeping, while many others hire outside help. Professional bookkeeping services often have a niche, such as […]Read More

Restaurant Bookkeeping Made Simple

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Restaurateurs are good at running restaurants. What they are less skilled at is managing the books for their store. In order to keep the books like a well oiled machine, 5 things are necessary. 1. Chart of Accounts 2. Point of Sale 3. Payroll 4. Cash Control 5. Inventory Count 1. Chart of Accounts: First […]Read More

Best Delivery Service for Restaurants

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Over the past 5 years, the food delivery industry has grown by 20% making it a $100 billion-plus industry. The food delivery trend is here to stay, and many restaurants, big and small, are looking to grow their customer base to new and regular customers who prefer to stay in. Not sure where to start […]Read More

#Stopsucking and Go Green!


It’s not a secret that most restaurants produce large amounts of garbage and use large amounts of water and energy. But consumers are starting to become more environmentally conscious, worrying about global warming and pollution. A study done by Purdue University found two thirds of today’s restaurant customers are willing to spend more if a […]Read More

Food Truck Industry Gets “Lean”

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In the technology community, the lean startup model is a common strategy used for new businesses. According to The Lean Startup, the lean startup method provides a scientific approach to creating and managing startups and get a desired product to customers’ hands faster. In lean terms, inexpensively creating a product that can be tested with […]Read More

Bookkeeping Today, Decisions Tomorrow

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You may be spending the majority of your time focusing on marketing or sales to grow your business, however, analyzing your financial information is the best way to gain insight into your business and set future goals. But how can you use the numbers in those financial statements to grow your business? Your profit and […]Read More

Employee Retention for Restaurants

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What makes a server want to stay at one restaurant vs another? We interviewed a server, Kenzie, at a popular downtown restaurant to find out! Question: What qualities made you choose to work at the restaurant your are currently employed at? Answer: “The company and the bosses are super nice and willing to talk to […]Read More

How Companies are Using IGTV

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Instagram recently released a new feature on their app called IGTV that shows vertical full screen videos, up to an hour long, for the accounts you follow. Instagram’s CEO and Founder Kevin Systrom describes the feature as “Just like turning on the TV, IGTV starts playing as soon as you open the app. You don’t […]Read More

5 Tips for Customer Retention

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In the restaurant industry especially, repeat customers make up a significant amount of your business. According to investor and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, the likelihood of a first time customer returning to a restaurant that they enjoyed, is about 40%. If they come back the second time and have another positive experience, there is about a […]Read More

Social Media Tactics for Restaurants

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How do people find new restaurants to try? Most people turn to the internet! While having a presence on sites like Yelp is a must, restaurants should also have a presence on social media. Whether you choose to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a combination of multiple popular social media sites, here are a few […]Read More