How Lax Bookkeeping Can Hurt Your Business

If you do your own bookkeeping and don’t always keep up, or your bookkeeper is often distracted by other tasks, you can find yourself facing cash flow and other financial problems. Here are 7 warning signs your back office might be putting your business success at risk. 1. You Don’t Know Your Numbers To know […]Read More

6 Reasons Good Bookkeeping Matters for Small Businesses

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Small business owners wear a lot of hats. That’s why it can be daunting to realize bookkeeping is a critical task. Skipping the chore of recording financial transactions and leaving it all to your accountant at tax time won’t cut it. Professional bookkeeping help allows you to organize, store and analyze financial information. With this […]Read More

Grow Your Business with Answers from Your Bookkeeping Service

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Need a new piece of equipment to help run your business? You may have questions: Can I afford if? Do I have the cash or credit to buy it? What will be my ROI if I do? Easy answers to these questions can come from a professional bookkeeping company, which always knows where you stand […]Read More

Tasks You Can Outsource Besides Bookkeeping and Accounting

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From CPAs to POS Systems to Payroll providers, professional bookkeeping services like BookWerksTM can refer you to resources that will fit for your business. We can help you find affordable assistance with: Strategic planning Internal processes Organizational structure Forecasting Software integration Taxes We consider our clients partners, because when you win, we win. We will […]Read More

To Do or Not to Do Your Own Bookkeeping

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A very qualified CPA, one that would be on my shortlist to call should I ever get a letter from the IRS, once said, “any small business owner should handle their own bookkeeping, because it’s easy.” Sure it is, IF YOU ARE AN ACCOUNTANT! He just didn’t’ get it. Just who are these owners? Are […]Read More

Need a Vacation? We Can Handle Your Bookkeeping While You’re Gone

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If you do your own small business bookkeeping, or have a small staff with one person who handles the books, what happens when you or your in-house bookkeeping go on vacation, take a break, or suddenly need to take time off to care for a family member who is ill? It’s hard enough to come […]Read More

The Best of Both Worlds? A Local/Virtual Bookkeeping Service

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Many small- to medium-sized businesses outsource their bookkeeping. It only makes sense: you save time and money, while getting regular, accurate, up-to-date financial reports that help you make smart business decisions. For a long time, the best outsourced bookkeeping choice was a local firm near your business, that you could conveniently visit as needed. Cloud-based […]Read More

Get a Free Consultation with One of Cincinnati’s Top Bookkeeping Companies

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Many small-to-medium businesses do their own bookkeeping, but find it a hassle and have a hard time keeping up with daily recordkeeping. A free bookkeeping consultation with BookwerksTM can help you determine whether using an outside firm is right for you at this time. How BookwerksTM Can Help Bookkeeping is the practice of tracking financial […]Read More

Need Payroll Help? We Can Find You a Good Service (and the Right Bookkeeper as Well)

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Are you in charge of payroll at your organization? Looking for an outside service to handle that role? Or if you have a resource already, do you currently use: a big national firm, an online company or a local provider? All of these can deliver your payroll when you need it, and one may be […]Read More

Outsourcing: The Key to Getting Your Life in Balance

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Do you run your business or does it run you? Are your work and life in balance? Do you sleep well at night? You have a lot on your plate when it comes to balancing: your business, your family and your own mental and physical health. A great time-saver well worth the affordable cost is […]Read More