7 Reasons Small Businesses Need Pro Bookkeeping

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Have you ever thought, “Why should I use a bookkeeping service when I can just do it myself? While most entrepreneurs are great at their core business functions, they often overlook the value of professional bookkeeping. Here are eight ways professional bookkeepers like BookWerksTM aid small business: accuracy, tax compliance, decision-making and growth Accurate Financial […]Read More

How BookWerks™ Can Help Your Small Business

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Outsourcing bookkeeping services can significantly benefit small businesses in various ways. As these businesses often have limited resources and face numerous challenges, outsourcing their bookkeeping tasks can lead to enhanced financial management, improved efficiency, cost savings, and access to expert knowledge. Here are some of the key advantages of outsourcing your bookkeeping to BookWerksTM. Cost […]Read More

The Magic of Virtual Bookkeeping

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In today’s interconnected world, proximity no longer limits businesses when it comes to choosing a bookkeeping company. Thanks to advancements in technology and the availability of cloud-based accounting software, small businesses can select a bookkeeping company based anywhere. Here are six reasons why businesses no longer need to restrict their options to a bookkeeper around […]Read More

How an Outside Bookkeeping Company can Help Your Business Grow

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Maintaining accurate, organized, up-to-date financial records is crucial to small business success. While some business owners choose to handle their own books, there are several compelling reasons why outsourcing to a local or virtual bookkeeping firm makes more sense. Here are six advantages to using a professional bookkeeping service like BookWerksTM: Expertise and Experience Professional […]Read More

Time to Stop Paying by Check?

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We all used to routinely write checks to pay our bills, but with new technologies and the emergence of more efficient ways to pay, people are using checks less often. While they can still be the right choice in certain situations, there are several reasons we at BookWerksTM  bookkeeping company discourage relying on checks as […]Read More

6 Reasons to Reconsider Using Your Debit Card

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Debit cards are popular for lots of reasons: they’re convenient, usually don’t have fees, discourage overspending, and don’t charge interest. But they also have more than a few drawbacks. At BookWerksTM professional bookkeeping service, we suggest clients use debit cards sparingly–primarily as a way to withdrawal money from ATMs. Here are a few reasons we […]Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Balance Sheets and Income Statements

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Professional bookkeeping businesses produce income statements and balance sheets for their clients. These reports are excellent tools for owners of businesses, but are often confused. A balance sheet gives a snapshot of financial situation at a moment in time, while an income statement – or profit and loss statement – measures financial position changes over […]Read More

Getting Comfortable with Bookkeeping

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Regular, skilled bookkeeping helps businesses retain precise financial records, which you are legally required to keep for tax purposes. Daily bookkeeping also offers many business benefits: Budgeting When income and expenses are faithfully recorded, it is easier to see where you stand financially and stay on top of cash flow needs. Organization When your records are […]Read More

Bookkeeping Basics for New Business Owners

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Bookkeeping is the process of keeping track of each financial transaction–from the day you hang out your shingle to the day you shut down. Each transaction is recorded based on documents such as receipts, invoices or purchase orders Most companies–or their bookkeeping partners serving small businesses–use specialized accounting software to keep their books. The bookkeeper […]Read More

How a Bookkeeping Service can help your Small Business Grow

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Small business owners are responsible for sales, marketing, product development, customer service and more. It’s no wonder bookkeeping often falls between the cracks. But keeping accurate financial records is key to the growth of your business. What Does a Bookkeeper Do? A bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining financial records and ensuring that all transactions are […]Read More