Bookkeeping Can Mean Sink or Swim for Your Small Business

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With timely, accurate bookkeeping, you will always know the answers to these and other critical questions: Did your clients all pay on time last month? Will an office improvement be a smart use of your money? Do you have enough money to hire a part-time assistant? Keeping careful books is a critical part of any […]Read More

Should You do Your Own Bookkeeping or Hire a Pro?

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Bookkeeping is the tracking of financial transactions, usually by entering them into accounting software. It provides a picture of where your money comes from, where it goes, and your potential tax deductions. It’s important because: You need it for taxes You need it to borrow money It helps you catch errors before they cause problems […]Read More

Understanding The Complexities of Bookkeeping for Restaurants

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Restaurant bookkeeping is unique. It can be intimidating–even for seasoned, well-rounded restaurant owners–because it’s a complex practice with many moving pieces. Keeping restaurant books is also time-consuming, time-sensitive, and dependent on accuracy. But it is critical for making finance-driven business decisions. Do you Need Professional Bookkeeping Help? You’ve heard the saying: “know your strengths, outsource […]Read More

Is an Outsourced Bookkeeper Worth It?

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Charging by the hour for bookkeeping is considered outdated. That’s because a flat fee is advantageous to both parties: the service knows how much they will earn, and their clients always know how much the bookkeeping is going to cost. Some services still charge an hourly rate, usually between $25-$75 per hour, but that method […]Read More

Should you Hire a Bookkeeper or Keep it In-House?

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Bookkeepers typically do the following tasks: Enter financial transactions into computer software Put costs (debits) and income (credits) into the software, assigning each to the right account Produce regular balance sheets (costs vs. income), income statements (assets, liabilities and equity), and totals by account Check for accuracy in figures, entries and reports Reconcile any discrepancies […]Read More

Bookkeeping Basics

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Bookkeeping is the recording of all financial transactions your business makes. Bookkeepers record, classify and organize transactions using supporting documentation such as receipts, invoices, purchase orders, etc. Most businesses and professional bookkeeping companies now use specialized computer programs like Xero. Now that you have decided to move forward with bookkeeping, either on your own or […]Read More

Finding a Bookkeeping Service for Your Small Business

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If you own a business, you need to keep careful track of your money. Professional bookkeeping services make it easy to know how much is coming in and going out, and where you stand in terms of the big picture. Good bookkeeping firms can answer any questions you may have about financial record-keeping, help you […]Read More

Why Small Businesses Should Hire a Bookkeeping Service

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Business owners often assume it is best to do their own financial record-keeping, but that is seldom the case. Here are six reasons why: Time. Hours you spend tracking sales, classifying expenses, reconciling accounts, recording payments and creating monthly reports could be spent on revenue-generating activities, or taking a needed break from work. Accuracy. An […]Read More

Prevent Bad Bookkeeping from Hurting Your Small Business

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A lot of small companies have a staff or family member without any type of accounting or bookkeeping experience do their books, which seems cost-effective, but can be a bad decision in the long run. The money you are “saving” could actually be costing you. What Can Go Wrong It doesn’t take much for a […]Read More

How To Find Bookkeeping Services For Your Small Business

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Many people with as little as one bookkeeping course keep small company books, but professional booking services offer much more. Bookkeeping firms manage account records, produce financial reports, and monitor revenue, spending and invoices. They analyze documents to make sure accounts are current and accurate. They also make sure you are ready for tax season. […]Read More