How BookWerks™ Helps Franchisors

Want your Franchisees to focus on growing their business and not worrying about the tedious, “non-revenue generating” tasks of bookkeeping? Welcome to BookWerks™!

No doubt you have a great training process for new franchise owners, but once they get up in running, their primary task should be to SELL, SELL, SELL … to get their business on solid footing and grow.  Don’t let them get caught in the trap of trying handle bookkeeping themselves, it’s not the best use of their limited time, talent and resources.

With today’s technology, outsourcing bookkeeping is as easy as outsourcing payroll.

BookWerks™ is not your typical bookkeeping firm… We provide affordable outsourced bookkeeping services to many Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners using technology most accounting firms haven’t even heard of, let alone begun to use.

As the Franchisor, you’ll benefit from BookWerks™ providing:

  • A Customized Chart of Account.
  • Standardized Reporting in a Timely Manner!!
  • Volume discounts on Fees.

Applying cloud-based SAS technology we:

  • Electronically scan, digitally read and categorize vendor invoices.
  • Link directly with Management or POS systems, payroll, credit card and bank. accounts, thus eliminating hours of data entry by you or your team (and errors).

And rather than receiving monthly financials weeks later, Franchisees receive:

  • A robust Income Statement and Balance Sheet within days not weeks.
  • Answers to their questions when they need them.
  • More time to focus on your business and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Interested in a partner supporting the growth of your Franchisees? Welcome to BookWerks™!