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6 Reasons to Reconsider Using Your Debit Card

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Debit cards are popular for lots of reasons: they’re convenient, usually don’t have fees, discourage overspending, and don’t charge interest. But they also have more than a few drawbacks. At BookWerksTM professional bookkeeping service, we suggest clients use debit cards sparingly–primarily as a way to withdrawal money from ATMs. Here are a few reasons we […]Read More

Are You Running Your Business, or Is It Running You?

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It’s not healthy to only be known for your work ethic, yet that is the situation many small business owners find themselves in. Is your company in the driver’s seat? Take this short quiz: Are you stressed, anxious or exhausted most of the time? How’s your physical health? Your mental health? Do you have a life […]Read More

How Your Bookkeeper Can Help You Grow

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Bookkeeping is an essential business activity: the recording and managing of a business’s financial information. Transactions, expense accrual and other financial information is recorded by your in-house bookkeeper or outsourced service. Your bookkeeper should provide, at a minimum, The Income Statement, The Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement. They should also: Manage accounts receivable […]Read More

Understanding your Bookkeeping Reports

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When it comes to small business accounting, most owners know it is important to keep records up-to-date for tax purposes. But there are many other ways you can use your bookkeeping reports to grow your business: Profit and Loss Statement The P&L or Income Statement tells you how much money you are making, but that’s […]Read More

Answers to Your Bookkeeping Questions, Part 2

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This is a continuation of our blog about Bookkeeping questions: What If I Change My Mind About Using an Outside Bookkeeper? Different services have different policies, but at BookWerksTM, your rolling commitment is for 30 days. What Software is Most Commonly Used? Typically, bookkeepers will use either Xero or QuickBooks software. BookWerksTM uses both, depending on the […]Read More

Answers to Your Bookkeeping Questions, Part 1 of 2

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Wonder how outsourcing your bookkeeping works? Here’s everything you ever wanted to know, with more answers in our next blog: Pricing Many bookkeeping services charge on an hourly basis. However, it’s much better to find a service (like BookWerksTM) that bills on a flat monthly subscription basis, which can scale up as your business grows and […]Read More