Client Stories

Kona Ice

Kona Ice is a shaved ice truck company with franchises all across the country. The owner of each truck brings the party to events all over! Booking as many events as possible, ranging from company outings to ballfields and schools, is the main goal for the owners of each franchise. See how Josh Bolin, Kona’s first franchise owner in the Northern Kentucky area, has been able to use BookWerks to help his business!

Carey Animal Hospital

Located in Oakley, Ohio, Carey Animal Holspital’s main goal is to provide their patients with a broad range of high quality veterinary services. Join the BookWerks team insight at Carey Animal Hospital, as Dr. Matt Noble shares his passion for treating animals, and how his personal experiences animals growing up, inspired his practice today.

Bellevue Family Dentistry

Bellevue Family Dentistry has been around for the past 70 years and has been passed down from dentist to dentist since its opening. Having 30 years in the dental profession, Dr. Kevin Wall is the perfect person to talk to learn more in depth about the dental industry. See how he stays involved in the dental community and faces challenges ranging from dental insurance companies to just making his patients fell at home!

Nine Giant Brewing

Nine Giant Brewing creates a unique brew pub experience with a dynamic selection of hand-crafted beers, scratch-made food sourced from the highest quality ingredients, and a smaller more intimate environment. Managing the business and food side of things, >Nine Giant Co-Founder, Brandon Hughes, shares what makes his riff on a brew pub unique, and some of the challenges of running the business.

iReport Source

iReport Source is the only integrated digital workspace to manage workers’ compensation and safety to lower cost and improve outcomes. They empower businesses to move from a fault-finding to fact-finding collaborative safe, happy, and healthy workplace. See how Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Nancy Koors, explains the importance of safety and compliance in the workplace and how iReport Source is utilizing new technologies to make it paperless!