Do I have to learn a new software?

NOPE, nothing to learn because we do all the work for you.

How much of my time is required?

Not much! Once we have everything set up and processing, we’ll handle everything for you, with minimal input from you, so you can focus your time on other tasks to grow your business, the biggest (and positive) side effect of our services!

Will I be dealing with one specific person handling my account?

YES, each client has a dedicated Accounting Manager who is responsible for their account.

What is the cost?

We know you don’t want uncertainty and hourly fees, so we look at your needs and determine an affordable flat monthly fee.

How secure is my data?

Very! BookWerks™ uses, “Bank Level Security.”

Can you work with my current CPA?

YES Absolutely, CPA’s love our work because we make their job much easier by providing a yearend packet for them to prepare your tax returns.