Who are the Best Cincinnati Bookkeeping Companies? Questions to Help you Decide

A quick Google search of “best Cincinnati bookkeeping companies” pulls up local 22 agencies with 5 stars, although some have only one or two reviewers. How do you decide who to call if you are looking for top bookkeeping services in Cincinnati?

Here are some suggestions we give to prospective clients:

  1. people at a coffee shopLook at their payment structure. At BookWerksTM, our clients appreciate a flat monthly fee, so there are no surprises.
  2. Read their reviews and ask the firm whether they have experience in your industry, preferably with businesses the size of yours.
  3. Compare rates. A company that says they are among Cincinnati’s best bookkeeping services with rates far above or below the norm may not be the right choice.
  4. Meet face-to-face before you make any decision. You can learn a lot with a short meeting: whether you “click,” whether you like their bookkeeping approach, and if they can explain financial reports in terms you understand.
  5. Ask peers you trust from trade groups who they like.

Finding the Best Cincinnati Bookkeeping Companies For Your Needs

Premiere Cincinnati bookkeeping firms may offer a variety of services, so think about your own criteria:

  • Do you want the service to be nearby so you can meet often, or are you comfortable working together mostly online?
  • Do you want a larger, old style firm that may be less personal, or a newer one eager to keep earning your business month after month?
  • How important is it that you know the person answering the phone when you have questions?
  • Ask if they have a policy on how soon to return calls.
  • Compare credentials. Are they educated in accounting software and technology? Do they have a strong grasp of accounting policies and procedures?
  • How do they keep up with changing financial regulations and governmental policies?

You want your search finalists to offer the services you require. In our initial free consultation with potential clients, we help them clarify their needs, then we share a ballpark rate for those services.

Some so-called top Cincy bookkeeping services may offer a wider range of services than you need, and this could lead to paying unnecessary overhead.