Why We Use Xero Instead of QuickBooks

Why do we use Xero vs. Quickbooks? Xero is a more robust cloud-based software, thus the better accounting system for small businesses and entrepreneurs:

  • xero logoTheir customizable dashboard is well organized, easy to read and simple to navigate.
  • You can display current bank balances, your Account Watchlist (which highlights where you’re spending the most) and what bills need paying soon.
  • Everything to do with running your business is found in the Business module, including options for invoicing, preparing quotes and making payments.

Xero proudly and accurately calls itself “The Beautiful Accounting Software.” That description best applies to their reports, which are attractive, highly-readable, and just a few clicks away.

Xero is more user friendly. With a minimalist user experience, Xero is intuitive. If you’re trying to decide, “QuickBooks or Xero?,” we recommend Xero, hands-down.

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A Joy to Use, Affordable, and Bookkeepers Love it Too!

BookWerksTM often receives inquiries from business owners who were using QuickBooks Desktop and wanted a cloud-based system. After switching to QuickBooks Online, they were even less satisfied. They ask for our thoughts. We always recommend Xero—which we use for all our clients. After trying it, these callers always report liking it better than either QuickBooks version.

We used QuickBooks in the past, but once we switched to Xero, there was no going back. Comparing Xero vs. QuickBooks, Xero is simply more fun to use.

How to Decide Which is Right for You: QuickBooks or Xero

Xero is optimized for small- to mid-sized businesses and scales nicely in terms of both functionality depth and user experience. If you start with Xero when you hang out your shingle, it will grow with you.

The system has great core functionality for managing invoices and payments, along with add-ons for time tracking, project administration, and the logging of expenses. Xero offers inventory management for retailers to track their stock, add items to quotes and invoices, and report on trending product lines.

When pulling reports based on a date range, Xero offers more customization in places than QuickBooks Online.

Xero integrates with more than 700 third-party applications in categories including payroll, point of sale, practice management, time tracking, CRM and e-commerce.

It is loaded with features for:

  • invoicing
  • expense management
  • inventory management
  • project management
  • multicurrency income and expenses