Common Mistakes of Restaurant Accounting

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Let’s say you have a great homemade pizza recipe and you want to open a restaurant. You’re a great cook, but you have no business experience. Restaurants are known to be one of the most difficult businesses to start. According to a study done by The Ohio State University, over half of all new restaurants […]Read More

How Slack is Changing Workplace Communication

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How many emails are currently sitting in your inbox that you have not responded to? Probably more than you would like to admit. Email is an important tool in business communication, but more and more companies are finding that it is not as effective for internal communication. So stop frantically responding to emails that you […]Read More

Is Coffee the New Lunch?

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Does anyone really have the time for business lunches anymore? Long business lunches can be daunting, especially if you have never met the other person before. You may also lose precious time that could be spent in the office doing work. So pack yourself some leftovers from last night’s dinner to avoid spending money or […]Read More


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What happens when a startup company has no office? Of course, working from home is an option. After all, with all the technologies companies use now it is easy to stay in touch with co workers or clients. But there are some problems associated with working from home. How do you know your employees will […]Read More

In Depth Look at Bellevue Family Dental

In this edition of Entrepreneurs in Depth, the BookWerks team takes a trip to the dentist.  Join us, as go behind the scenes of Bellevue Family Dental, with owner, Dr. Kevin Wall.  Find out what kind of person becomes a dentist, and some of the challenges dentists face as entrepreneurs.  Read More

In Depth Look at iReport Source

iReport Source is the only integrated digital workspace to manage workers’ compensation and safety to lower cost and improve outcomes. They empower businesses to move from a fault-finding to fact-finding collaborative safe, happy, and healthy workplace.Read More

In Depth Look at Carey Animal Hospital

No, your not about to see another crazy cat video.  Join the BookWerks team insight at Carey Animal Hospital, as Dr. Matt Noble shares his passion for treating animals, and how a personal experience with his dog growing up, inspired his practice today.Read More

In Depth Look at Nine Giant Brewing

In this video, join us as we go behind the scenes of BookWerks client, Nine Giant. Nine Giant is an artisan brewery and scratch-made kitchen, located in Cincinnati. Nine Giant founder, Brandon Hughes shares what makes his riff on a brew pub unique, and some of the challenges of running the business.Read More

In Depth Look at Kona Ice

Kona Ice is a shaved ice truck company with franchises all across the country. The owner of each truck brings the party to events all over! Booking as many events as possible, ranging from company outings to ballfields and schools, is the main goal for the owners of each franchise. See how Josh Bolin, Kona’s […]Read More

Discover BookWerks

What is the purpose of your business? Why should other people value you? Mission statements are just one of the many ways in which a business can describe how they are unique and valuable Find what others may find valuable in your business. Then build upon that value. See how Director of Operations Chris Rogers […]Read More