Why Your Bookkeeper Should Be Using Cloud-based Accounting Already

cloud computing

Not so long ago, accounting software programs were located on the business owner’s own private computer, or a private server within the company. This allowed employees within the same physical location access to the accounting software.

But this access was limited, and not useful when the business added locations and/or needed to give outsiders access the system.

Cloud-based accounting solves the problem, because you can access a cloud system anywhere, anytime–yet the system is private and secure.

With cloud-based accounting, you get all the functionality of desktop accounting (and more), but your data is kept in the cloud instead of on your computer. There’s no desktop application; you log on to a solution that is always-up-to-date. Your data is stored safely on a cloud server.

Why Bookkeeping Services are Moving to the Cloud

  1. Accessibility, accessibility, accessibility! As we become more mobile workers, cloud-based accounting provides incredible convenience–allowing users to access the system from any computer connected to the internet. No specific kind of computer or device is necessary.
  2. Automatic updates. Upgrades happen with no thought or effort on your part.
  3. Your data is actually more secure in the cloud than it is on your personal computer! That’s because data centers that provide cloud-based accounting follow procedures such as:
    • Limiting building and computer room access using features such as retina and fingerprint scans
    • Firewalls, multiple layers of passwords, employee training and more technique for security
    • Computer and data redundancy for disaster preparedness
    • Around-the-clock network monitoring

With cloud-based accounting, your bookkeeper, CPA and other people you allow access can see your financial information whenever they need it.

What Does Cloud-based Accounting Cost?

The cost of a cloud solution will depend on the following:

  • The exact accounting software you select
  • Whether you will be hosting desktop software or choosing a SaaS (Software as a Service) option
  • The number of users who need access
  • The features you want, and whether they are part of the core software or are add-ons

Most outsourced bookkeepers and accountants will include the cost of cloud computing in your monthly price. They will deal with the cloud vendor and save you the trouble of having to manage that relationship.

Getting Started

All our clients choose the cloud-based accounting software option when signing up with us.

BookWerksTM can share:

  1. why we use cloud-based accounting (we have found Xero accounting services to be the most user-friendly, but we also use QuickBooks),
  2. how easy it is to transition to the cloud and
  3. why our clients prefer it to methods they used previously.

The transition is quick and easy.