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What’s your situation? What is your capacity, today, to pursue a new opportunity? If something exciting, or life-changing comes your way, can you act?

Situation is composed of a number of domains. Some are obligatory. I owe money to the bank. I have a mortgage payment. I have promised my employer that I will work 50 hours a week. Some are moral or ethical. I have a family that needs the income I currently provide. Situation also involves health. Am I healthy enough to act?

Contemplating starting a business? Check in with your current situation. Have you put yourself in a place that will allow you to be successful? Or do you have work to do. Work to build a solid situation, where you have excess capacity and financial resources to act, and possibly assume risk.

Assessing situation in others is a useful skill. What is the situation of the person I seek to hire? A new, potential friend? Where are they with their life situation?