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Outsourcing: The Key to Getting Your Life in Balance

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Do you run your business or does it run you? Are your work and life in balance? Do you sleep well at night? You have a lot on your plate when it comes to balancing: your business, your family and your own mental and physical health. A great time-saver well worth the affordable cost is […]Read More

Bookkeepers and Accountants Work Hand-in-Hand

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When you go to the dentist, your hygienist cleans your teeth, and then after they are done, the dentist comes in to make sure everything is OK. It makes sense for the hygienist, who is particularly skilled at cleaning teeth, to do that part, and the dentist, who has the big dental picture in mind, […]Read More

Is Hiring an Outside Bookkeeping Service a Good Investment?

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What tasks do you perform for your business that give you the most return on your investment? Is bookkeeping one of them? Doubtful. Sure, you need up-to-date, accurate numbers so you know how you’re performing, but in and of itself, keeping the books does not generate any income. What if you could outsource this job to […]Read More

Solutions to Staffing Shortages – Save Time, Money and Even Sleep in 2022!

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If you’re not suffering from staffing issues, you’re in better shape than most small business owners these days. Because of the lack of staff, many owners are doing tasks they thought they wouldn’t have to handle anymore. One solution to your time crunch is to relieve yourself of activities that are non-revenue-generating, such as bookkeeping. […]Read More

Are You Running Your Business, or Is It Running You?

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It’s not healthy to only be known for your work ethic, yet that is the situation many small business owners find themselves in. Is your company in the driver’s seat? Take this short quiz: Are you stressed, anxious or exhausted most of the time? How’s your physical health? Your mental health? Do you have a life […]Read More

How Your Small Business Can Survive The Great Resignation

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America is experiencing a labor shortage unlike any in our past. With employees taking non-traditional jobs, retiring early and starting their own businesses, organizations across sectors are struggling to stay fully staffed. Here are four sets of actions you can take to address the worker shortage: Make the work more gratifying and viable for the long-term, improve […]Read More

Making the Most of Your Balance Sheet

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What’s the value of a balance sheet? It can help you know your company’s net worth, how much money you have made, and where your equity is located. Balance sheets are also essential for attracting investors, securing loans and selling a business. What is a Balance Sheet? The balance sheet provides a picture of your […]Read More

How to Do it Yourself: A Crash Bookkeeping Course

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Bookkeeping is the practice of tracking financial transactions so you see exactly what you are spending, where your revenue is coming from, and which tax deductions you can claim. Why it is important: It helps you catch more deductions on your taxes. When you log every transaction by category, you know at a glance which […]Read More

Behind on Bookkeeping? Here’s an Easy Way to Catch Up and Stay Up-to-Date

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A common woe of small business owners is falling behind on bookkeeping. That can be a problem for three reasons: You might lose track of cash flow and find yourself unable to meet payroll or bills You might not be able make informed decisions about growing your business You could be faced with a big […]Read More

The Bookkeeper’s Importance to your Business

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Bookkeepers are responsible for recording every financial transaction in the appropriate place. That can just look like loading your transactions into accounting software. But bookkeeping is more than just transferring numbers into a spreadsheet—it takes detailed analysis and legal knowledge. Your bookkeeper will help you survive an audit by making sure your financial records are […]Read More