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The 5 Most Common Bookkeeping Errors, and How to Fix Them

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Entrepreneurs trying to do their own bookkeeping all tend to make similar mistakes. Here are some of the ones we see most often, and how they can be avoided. 1. Guessing When You Don’t Know What to Do Entrepreneurs tend to muddle their way through challenges, including bookkeeping. Unfortunately, errors compounds over time, and you […]Read More

Where to Find Bookkeeping Help for Your Small Business

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So, you’ve decided it’s time to outsource your bookkeeping. How do you find the right company to do the job? As with searching for any other professional, there are no shortcuts: Network Your networks are a great place to start. Ask people you trust who does their bookkeeping. If you already have a relationship with […]Read More

Why Professional Bookkeeping is Smart Business

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Many small business owners mistakenly think of bookkeeping as only data entry, and trust the function to an unqualified employee. Accounting software is making bookkeeping much easier than in years past, but it’s still critical that the tasks are handled by someone skilled in the practice. 5 Reasons Good Bookkeeping is so Important Bookkeeping helps […]Read More

How Your Bookkeeper Can Help You Grow

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Bookkeeping is an essential business activity: the recording and managing of a business’s financial information. Transactions, expense accrual and other financial information is recorded by your in-house bookkeeper or outsourced service. Your bookkeeper should provide, at a minimum, The Income Statement, The Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement. They should also: Manage accounts receivable […]Read More

Understanding your Bookkeeping Reports

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When it comes to small business accounting, most owners know it is important to keep records up-to-date for tax purposes. But there are many other ways you can use your bookkeeping reports to grow your business: Profit and Loss Statement The P&L or Income Statement report tells you how much money you are making, but […]Read More

How Bookkeeping Services Work

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Is it time for you to hire an outside bookkeeper? There are many advantages: privacy; security that your needs will be covered if one person goes on vacation; freedom from the hassles of hiring, training, providing benefits; etc. Here are some questions prospective BookWerksTM clients have asked: Will the Service Have Experience in my Field? […]Read More

Finding a Bookkeeping Service for Your Small Business

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If you own a business, you need to keep careful track of your money. Professional bookkeeping services make it easy to know how much is coming in and going out, and where you stand in terms of the big picture. Good bookkeeping firms can answer any questions you may have about financial record-keeping, help you […]Read More

Why Small Businesses Should Hire a Bookkeeping Service

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Business owners often assume it is best to do their own financial record-keeping, but that is seldom the case. Here are six reasons why: Time. Hours you spend tracking sales, classifying expenses, reconciling accounts, recording payments and creating monthly reports could be spent on revenue-generating activities, or taking a needed break from work. Accuracy. An […]Read More

Should I Hire a Bookkeeper for My Small Business?

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Business owners often think it is less expensive to do their own financial record-keeping, but you may be surprised to learn that is seldom the case. Here are some reasons why: Time is money. Hours you spend tracking sales, classifying expenses, reconciling accounts, recording payments and creating monthly reports could be spent serving your customers, […]Read More